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Mazhai Varum Arikuri Veppam Lyrics

The story narrates events from the slum areas of Chennai, showcasing characters and their struggles. When I travel with you, the path that blossoms flower, asks me for you and fades away sulking. Karthik gets hurt in his head from a chair and faints. Revathy in the neighbourhood loves Karthik.

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The film ends as both brothers walk out of the room together. Vishnu searches the drug in his bag in his house fights with Karthik. Jyothi supplies call girls to men in that locality. Vishnu's guardian kills Vishnu as he wanted to sell the mechanic shop which Vishnu owned. People nearby them agree not to let anyone know that they murdered Jyothi.

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Facebook Print Twitter Pinterest Tumblr. Who was responsible for the tears in my eyes? Meanwhile, Jyothi's assistant warns vishnu about Jyothi's plan. Revathy, Karthik and Vishnu are close friends.

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Vishnu takes the help of Karthik and leaves for Pondicherry. Who was responsible for pain along the path. Vishnu also owns a mechanic shop but is not generating enough income. Balaji, tor web browser for windows 7 Karthik and Jothi go to Ammaji where they find that Ammaji's official enemy have joint together.

Viji hears that Jyothi is planning to sell the drug to Ammaji's official enemy. Balaji finds Karthik in a bakery after a week and hits him. Karthik in anger leaves his house to Vishnu's house giving a phone to Revathy, leaves the drug in his cupboard. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Karthik comes out through Jyothi's help. Photon Kathaas Ondraga Entertainment. They try to kill Jyothi but Balaji and Karthik save him and kill everybody there and Jyothi kills Ammaji.

Mazhai Varum Song - Veppam

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Veppam opened to mixed responses. You may also be interested in. She tries to save Vishnu through Jothi's assistant. Viji dies in depression of Vishnu's death.

Meanwhile, Revathy's father survives a heart attack and are desperate to contact Karthik and Vishnu while in hospital. They go to Jyothi's house and start drinking, and upon being asked by Jyothi about the drug, Karthik replies that Revathy had found the drug in Karthik's cupboard.

When I rest on your shoulder, the eyes that feel excited searches for you to find where you are. Police arrest Karthik thinking he would have killed Vishnu.

The film's music was composed by Joshua Sridhar. It is certainly worth a look. The times we were together, open up in my eyes, My path slips away, why is it?

Mazhai Varum Song - Veppam

Balaji finds Karthik in Jyothi's car and searches him for a week.

The film starts by showing a girl named Revathy Nithya Menen forwarding towards the beach and drowning herself in it. It got lost half way through.

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