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Both characters are equally brilliant to their more famous siblings but too indolent to accomplish much. The apparent servant of Achille Poirot in his villa.

He is the chief assassin of the group, said to have the finest criminal brain ever known. He approaches Hastings in a small restaurant in Soho. Chinese servant to Mr Paynter.

He informs Poirot of the identity of Li Chang Yen. The latter have produced a form of wireless energy capable of focusing a beam of great intensity on any spot.

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Believed to be of cockney extraction. His new destination is Belgium.

There is no clue of how the man entered the upper floor apartment. He inherits the estate of his deceased uncle. Poirot goes to Paris with Hastings. The man they have captured does not seem to be Hercule Poirot, but his twin, Achille.

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This would letter become a running gag in the series, with Poirot often teasing Hastings. The resulting publicity over her name caused the new novel to become a sales hit.

She is an agent of the Four who later becomes a double agent. It is hinted this voyage indirectly caused his death, since he encountered something sinister in China.

When Poirot and Hastings arrive at the flat, Savaronoff's niece is gagged and unconscious, and Ivan and the Doctor are nowhere to be seen. He is forced to write to Poirot, who is soon seen across the street. Inspector Japp finds him typical for an artist.

His plots are said to include worldwide unrest, labor disputes in every nation, and revolutions in some of them. He makes appearances in other Poirot tales as well. Current flowing radially outward along one side of the arrowhead and radially inward on the other produces the tangential force. Poirot explains that Savaronoff did die in Russia and that Number Four impersonated him as a cover.

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An unnamed Chinese man, former servant of John Ingles. Did music hall impersonations. He killed Wilson because he could not fool Wilson or the observers. The village of Chobham which Poirot visits next is an actual location in Surrey.

There is an abortive railway trip to Southampton and the return trip to London. She mentions one important point, that when he eats he always picks up a piece of bread and dabs up the crumbs with it. The basic scenario of the novel has secret powers the Four influencing humanity and the course of history. Supposed to have gone to Australia four years before. He originated in a good family.

He collapses on the floor. As Hastings is forced to beckon him into the house, a man from Scotland Yard throws a drugged smoke bomb into the house, knocking everyone unconscious, and Hastings is saved. An older gentleman who fell ill during his meal.

Hastings spies on Ryland, but is captured by Ryland and Deaves, who wait for Poirot. Perhaps through the bedroom's window which is, however, at some distance from the ground.

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He briefly works as a secretary of Abe Ryland under the alias Arthur Nevill. She was the one who discovered the corpse and screamed in shock.

But Zemboy finds these characters lacking in traits to make them amusing, engaging, or personally interesting. An uninvited man arrives, claiming to work for a lunatic asylum and to be in search of an escaped inmate. Presumably Ryland intended to recruit him for the organization. He walked out next morning and has not been seen since. His present whereabouts are unknown.

It is a series of episodes, only unified by the theme of Hercule Poirot investigating and uncovering the identity of one of the villains. Darrell has one weakness that can give his real identity away. Japp believes that victim's face was charred to cover up the identity of the dead man, original horizontality relative dating of fossils but Poirot believes the man to be Paynter.

From there they use wireless communications to transfer orders to thousands of their followers across many countries. Poirot suspects the servant of the flat and Savaronoff's niece are working for the Big Four. Ryland was working in England at the time and was looking for a new secretary. He played at music halls, and also in Repertory plays. Always had a taste for acting and distinguished himself in that way at Oxford.

Achille is later revealed to be Hercule Poirot himself in disguise. An unnamed Chinese servant of John Ingles. The spinning of the disk also uses a servo motor. The pattern of the novel is a series of dangerous encounters and failures to catch the criminals. With Number Four gone, the two are back to square one again.

Paynter was found dead the next morning in a room locked from the inside. Wilson's body had a small burn mark on his left hand and he was clutching a white bishop when he died, part of Savaronoff's set. She provides to Poirot information about a personal habit to Darrell that can be used to identify him, regardless of his disguise.

He also receives a letter from Poirot saying to leave for South America, as it was part of the plan. But it is hinted that the wallet was planted for Hastings to find. But this fact possibly gave her access to first-hand observers of world politics and the secret affairs behind them. He is frustrated with Prohibition. She does not otherwise speak.