Topo Canada V2

They are created by Dale Atkin in Calgary. It's hard to tell initially which ones are nuts. He now has a torrent up and running and also demonstrates a map set utility called MapSet Tool Kit along with other useful things. Search in titles only Search in Off Topic only Search. Originally posted by Glenn at Raven View Post.

Topo Canada v2 vs. Ibycus Topo Canada - Laptop GPS World

You can't auto navigate with them though but that usually isn't what you use topos for. Originally Posted by Stan Clearly I am uneducated about these things. It was a new product that had never been opened, and marked on the box it said. Picked up the thread on Google, and thought I'd poke my head in. Then they release a new version that fixes that bug that causes you problems.

If there is someplace that would be more meaningful to you please let me know. Looks just like the crap basemap but the map that I put on unit. Clearly I am uneducated about these things. If anyone knows or finds it before I do, please post a link in this thread. Ooops, I see Dale beat me to the punch.

It's dead simple to do a screen capture. Customer support is confused. Both these maps are on there. There are many differences in favor of each product so there's no straight answer to which is better. Problem is that it has a bunch of bugs in it check out excel.

So you have to unzip it to get the good stuff out and usable. Rizak the Really Horrible. Garmin Voice Studio is a free download, Windows only.

Re GPS topo canada v4

Even so, you've done a prodigious job for someone carrying a full course load. So you need to unzip this. Anyone know where I can get a copy for way less than buying new? Their responses to reasonable legal notification are puerile in the extreme. If your presence doesn't make an impact, Your absence won't make a difference!

GPS topo canada v4

You will need to disable one to see the other. It's just a way to compress stuff into a smaller package to make it easier to download. Took it home and plugged it in. Originally posted by willr View Post.

Your best bet is to start it up just before you head for bed. Was politely told that they update the sub versions, but not major or minor releases.

So why is the detail missing? There's only one thing you can do with a. Perhaps you need to update the Mapsource program itself. We must have been typing at the same time only he's not as longwinded.

GPS topo canada v4

That is free on Garmin's website. Originally posted by matt. What problem are you having?

So i spent hours downloading the Ibycus, and it won't even unzip. Thank you so much for your help. You download the tiny updater from Dale's site. Ooops, for the Americans in the crowd, it's worth noting that Dale has also got a pretty good start on a set of topos for the United States.

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Do you copy software out of malice, or necessity? It will also explain all about downloading and using them. Not printed anywhere on the box. Works fine on my Colorado. Not sure what at this moment.

Okay, corel draw x4 portable 64 bit here's a bit of background on the Ibycus topos. This will install the Ibycus topos into Mapsource for you. Now you're good to go with the Ibycus topos in Mapsource.

The first time you run it, it will download all the maps and install them into MapSource. This particular zip file contains a. Any time you run it after that it will just download any new or changed maps. Twitter Facebook Pinterest Instagram Help.

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The TomTom rep just happened to be here. Better than Garmin's own in ways, more up to date, with vegetation cover, better detail of wet lands, etc. Originally posted by scooby View Post. One gets such wholesale returns of conjecture out of such a trifling investment of fact.

That is what software companies do every single day. Share this post Link to post.

Originally posted by Grillzy View Post. Is it right to charge your customers to have to buy a new version with features they don't want just to get major flaws fixed?

Check the file names for which product is which. Matt People are like a box of chocolates. Thank you, Paul Fulcher, Publisher.

Since Ibycus topos are free and I already owned Topo Canada I took the easy way out and have both so I don't need to choose. He's using the latest government databases for most of his data so the actual topographic data and some of the road data depending on province is much more up to date than Topo Canada. Dale, the author of Ibycus Topo Canada has posted a set of three YouTube videos explaining the download and installation process for his map set. There must be something being done wrong. At the request of that Ken at the other end of the country here are a couple of pics to start the thread.

You can't do squat with a. Is the unit firmware up to date? Member List Mark Forums Read.