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Join Simba as he makes his way from cub to king in this one-player Action title. Most of you know how the movie goes and ends, and if you play Lion King game, I think that you would really like the ending, even though its not much compared to the games nowadays. Browse games Game Portals. Not many games excel in so many parts. The game is divided into two sections.

The Lion King for Genesis, also a Vir-giit-Disney coproduction, takes another astounding step toward making your favorite movies completely interactive. During the Wildebeest Stampede, jump from side to side across the screen.

Travel through Simba's life, facing challenges and puzzles in a game so smoothly animated, you'll swear it's a movie! Summary Most Helpful Recent Funny. His main weapons are sharp claws and a strong roar. Just like in the movie, Simba starts out as a cub, the son of the King Mufasa.

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Simba's many animations and the gorgeous backgrounds evoke Disney's unmistakable creative flair. Ultimately, each level is a training ground for Simba's final confrontation with his evil Uncle Scar.

Use it by hitting the Roar button. In addition to Uncle Scar, Simba battles the hyena crew from the movie, as well as buzzards, assorted reptiles and bugs, cheetahs, and other jungle flora and fauna. Go down the right side of all waterfall slides and hold right on the d-pad for an easier experience in this level.

While not as spectacular-looking as the bit versions of the cart, this game is worth purring over. To defeat this gorilla, use the roll to send the coconuts rolling back at him, or wait until he does his ground pound, and hit him.

All in all, Lion King's a great Game Gear cart. Sega teamed up with Disney for this handheld adaptation of last summer's smash movie, The Lion King. As Simba, vectorworks student players grow from carefree cub to ferocious adult lion.

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Once you master an area, playing through it again isn't very much fun because everything s exactly the same. Despite the itty-bitty size of Simba's sprite, his moves and animations are great for a handheld game. Then just go right, then down to meet the level boss. Travel through Simba's fife, facing challenges and puzzles in a game so smoothly animated, you'll swear it's a movie!

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Now, you too can be part of the adventure! You take control of Simba as a cub and later in the game as an adult, following the events from the animation. His objective, as in the title, is to become the greatest lion.

He is not very powerful, but is quick and can combat enemies with different skills. He can also hide and dodge attacks by rolling. Simba usually has more lives than one, and you can see how many remaining lives he has in the bottom left screen corner.

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The Lion King Game Download Free For PC Full Version - downloadpcgamescom

This feature is used more in the beginning part of the game, than in the latter part. And your final battle with Scar will make your fur stand on end. Some clever compromises from the Genesis version, like the side-view Wildebeest Stampede, work well within the confines of the Game Gear.

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The Lion King Game Download Free For PC Full Version - downloadpcgamescom

Use Simba's clawing motion to break through the briars in the Simba's destiny level. The beautifully drawn backgrounds in each level include great detail, like the elephant bones in the graveyard.

Download The Lion King Game Setup Exe

This fun-filled Adventure from Sega lets you relive everything you loved about the film, from Simba's carefree youth to his confrontation with Scar. The game play also suffers from slightly uneven pacing. Overcome the wicked hyenas in the elephant graveyard. Hakuna Matata It's Not So what's the problem?

You can also participate in bonus levels playing as Timon and Pumba to gain extra lives. Think fast and move even faster. To get through the Mane Event, you just have to find most of the monkeys, then roar at them.

They'll usually roll to create a platform you can use to reach a higher area. Ten to one you still get tired of'em, though-that tinny music gets old even if you do like the songs. When you touch a small blue bug in the Pridelands, it'll explode. It happens rarely, but it happens.