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You will gradually discover everything when your cat grows up. Previous Next Sort by votes. When bathing, you can choose different types of soaps to make the bath more fun like a butterfly-shaped soap or spaceship soap. In this feature, you will be tasked to make your cat happy, which is also to create fun for you.

These Are the Biggest Upgrades. The game will have many different tasks for you to care about, which are also your jobs.

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When Tom is sleepy, it will constantly yawn and eyes narrowed. For the hiccup, you will use the vase to sound great. You will see this feature with the moon symbol and the star worm.

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You also should not feed the pet much because the Pet will only change the colour like the colour of the food. The bathing feature will have a shower symbol. The food will be bought in gold so you should save the food to keep Tom from eating when it is full because it will waste food and does not bring any effect at all.

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In each of the above features, you can change all the decorations. It will inherit a lot of excellence from its previous version. Here we will take a closer look at each of the different activities in the game so you can understand more about the new features of the game. Each time you complete a mission in the same, Tom you will get a chance to control the plane to the island to receive gifts.

The game was immediately enjoyed by the mobile gaming community with the job of taking care of Tomcat as well as cute activities of this cat. New posts New profile posts Latest activity.

My Talking Tom for Android - Download

You will need money or blue stars to unlock more attractive outfits. This game is still new and not much information is published about it, but you will see the game appearing on the top of the most attractive games soon. In the game, in addition to levelling up, you will focus on to have plenty of gold or blue stars, which will help you get the things you want. Please please help me out. You can freely choose your favourite style or combine them in a special way.

At this point, you can have a lot of work to do. This feature has appeared first with the smiley face icon. You just click on the type of dress you want to change, then swipe left or right to change the choice.

There are a lot of modern games for you to choose from. You need to click on that icon to bring Tom to the bedroom. After finishing, you can start the game normally. When you run out of food, you can go to the refrigerator on the right.

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Can I upgrade android to

In addition, the game has a lot of unique expressions, along with exciting effects that surprise you compared to the previous version. Your cat may get a catch-cold. You will pull the food in Tom and increase the filling index.

Stars are precious and rarer objects than gold. This is one of the familiar features to many players. You will continue to accompany tom cat in life with new joys.

When the cat has enough experience points, he will level up and bring valuable rewards as well as unlock many different items in the game. You just need to choose the right method for each disease only. Some interesting points in eating it is that your cat will get the hiccup when it is too full.

Download My Talking Tom 2 (MOD Unlimited Money) for android

Most of the people will immediately be impressed with the cute Tomcat in the game. Playing the game also helps you earn decent money. Your battery life will also suffer.

To download the game, you need to scroll down the bottom of this article and clicking on our link first. So I came here think you will help me out. Just search the device name and there will be tons of guides over at xda. If you eat special food like a chilli, Tom can spit fire. You just click to select the game that you like.

You will be taken to a food supermarket where you can buy a variety of foods for Tom. You can also watch commercials in leisure spin to get the free flight to the island or visit regular stores to make small purchases. You can tease that mouse the same way as you tease Tom. But you should not worry too much about it. The most remarkable is the cute and funny actions of Tom.

In this section, you can see many familiar games that you have ever seen in My Talking Tom, but there are also new games like Easy Squeezy, Super Ballons. Surely, exercise podcasts we have tried to play My Talking Tom once. Forums Cell Phones Android Smartphones. Upgrade My Android version. How can i upgrade my android.