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She must be so scarred inside too. Truth be told, trying to change anyone. What on earth happened to Jung Eum?

He is getting up close and personal. You let your heart dictates your brain. There are women that are like that and will give there men all of themself.

An artist always has a mental prototype down to the brush stroke of what they want to achieve on canvas. This drama moves slow, but is interestingly slow. Those men would squeal like pigs on their way to slaughter to maintain their cushy position on the Board.

Secrets can sometimes make us happy, worried, or even blind us to reality. It is an exploration into the trials and tribulations of people who live with secrets. Our secret group are growing. Why do Koreans drag their words when they speak. Yes, amplitude bold font the Korean never fails to satisfy us with plenty of good dramas.

Girl, I would have been a female version of Hercules that day. Totally agree with that scene no. Found Dead After Her Dear. Whoa, please let me slap him once. There was only one time that I mutually exchanged gifts with a guy I was dating.

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Given the case is based on circumstantial evidence why go for the guilty plea. His actin, facial expression, body language is saying to me that he does not wants to be there.

Bae Soo Bin as Do Hoon is an excellent actor. Look at his tears flowing out from his eyes when Yoo Jung dash across the road. The second male lead is bland and a coward.

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So far this drama is very engaging. The story is good and the actors and actresses are all very good esp. The story jumps around in the timeline somewhat haphazardly. How lousy and evil to harm an innocent one like that. He deserves no triangle, rectangle, only manhandled.

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Every last word sounds like a cat in heat as is being dragged. It makes the story more complicated then we predicted.

Instead of eating seaweed at birth, the mothers should eat tons of tofu. Something smells awfully foul Ahn family. Oh, I thoroughly understand what happened in that relationship.

Her legs look like you could rub them together and start a fire. Jo Min Hyuk Ji Sung was born into a wealthy family. This is a great cast and crew.

There are other tons of ways rush in my mind that I want to brutally torture him. No wonder I enjoy this drama especially now that the girl got out of jail. When he moves she moves, just like that.

Even though its still crazy, it beats the other kdramas where folks walk into the street, oblivious and just stand, only to look directly at an on coming car in surprise. How you like my Spanglish! What happen to the lead actress face? Remarriage is something else!

Luckily Min Hyuk start show at least he is human. Which dramas did I cry the most while watching. Are you going to revenge in this drama? It works wonders for the mind and body, as well.

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Imagine when it hits you that you have been a fool all this time. You need to be beaten with many straps.

Only the truly repentant would do such a thing. He just hide his shock and do as if nothing happen. Whatever happened to classy speech?

Not a typical love story that you find in Korean dramas. Even though that kdrama grab and drag move is nothing new, it irks me. Wow, totally agree with you that this drama is kinda addictive.

Maybe that why the writers used Wuthering Heights as a metaphor for revenge. He feels cheated so he drops out of being a prosecutor and becomes an even worse badass individual. On top of that, they even chose the one closes to her. Aahhh then again, not too too damage outside. Full With English Subtitles!

Betrayed by those that profess to care about her, they say keep your enemy close. Wardrobe crew, you are doing a good job. She came out of the dressing room in the black dress he choose.

If I was the girl I would never forgive the guy. When you paint over a mistaken brush stroke to correct it, you end up not remembering what it was that you were trying to paint in the first place.