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They re-established a short-lived independent domain with Sardinian-heathen lay and religious traditions, one of its kings being Hospito. Direct central control was maintained at least through c. Et manda sua ambasada dauantj al Patriarcha et el Doxe et se acordono in questo modo zoe quelj che uolese vsir fuora loro e sue mogier et robe fose segurj. The interior of the codex includes the ex libris of Frederick North, the fifth earl of Guilford, cf. Zorzanello stated, it was It.

Venice, Marciana National Library, manuscript It. Et sapudo questo lo ditto Patriarcha e lo canpo di Cristianj quelo che aueua fatto far lo ditto Doxe molto se ne maraueglio et uolse sauer per che chaxon lo ditto Doxe haueua fatto far simel cosse. Godas was sent to take charge and ensure the loyalty of Sardinia. The two islands became the province of Corsica and Sardinia. The existing coastal cities were enlarged and embellished, and Roman colonies such as Turris Lybissonis and Feronia were founded.

Actually, in order to clarify the ascription of the chronicle in codices It. It is known that the Vandal government continued the forms of the existing Roman Imperial structure. In questo tenpo el fo prexo per lo Soldan Saledim de Constanttinopolj molte Tere Sante e prexe lo Re Baldoim et fexe uno grandissimo dano ali Cristianj. On the other side, many words are separated by breaks, while others are linked between them, while in other cases capital letters are even inserted in the middle of various words. Marin, The Crusading Elements in Venice.

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The Govora Monastery in mid-fifteenth century. For this work, see erban Marin, Crusades seen through Venetian Eyes.

The same hypothetical work would have been the basis for the pseudo-Zancaruola chronicle in It. El Re de Ragon comenzo a far lo pasazio oltra el mar. See Girolamo Priuli, I diarii ed.

Therefore, the copier should be Gasparo Zancaruolo, the son of Marco. It continues with the episode of the origins, the Marcian mission, the mention of various bishops, holy relics settled in Venice, and so on.

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Album de Ovidiu Ghitta, Edit. As from our viewpoint, the key element of G. Giulio Zorzanello notes the fact that this manner to refer to Sabellico would have been promoted also by other copiers and exemplifies by codices It.

Et fo eletto per Inperador de Constanttinnopolj el ditto Conte de Fiandra. Crusades as viewed from Venice Santto Nicola da Ttolentino confesor che ozi e la sua festa che o compitto ut infra. Eli nostri chiamaua Santo Marco Euangelista. Roman rule in Sardinia lasted years, during which time the province was an important source of grain for the capital.

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While Christianity penetrated the majority of the population, the region of Barbagia remained largely pagan and, probably, partially non-Latin speaking. Anyhow, we mention that, as a matter of principle, the fact of copying one work or another should not definitely exclude the possibility that the copier would have also written his own chronicle. Each Giudicato saw to its own defense, maintained its own laws and administration, and looked after its own foreign and trading affairs. Lo Re de Franza prexe Cartazine per forza e la luj morj.

For its identification, G. Not numbered, they include prayers and certainly belong to another handwriting. The governor of Sardinia continued to be called the praeses and apparently continued to manage military, judicial, and civil governmental functions via imperial procedures.

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Et fo fatto capetanio dela ditta armada messer Jachomo Tiepolo et messer lo arziuescouo de Tripolj. Venice, chronicles, crusade, manuscript, Gasparo Zancaruolo. The Romans faced many rebellions, and it took them many years to pacify both islands. However, all these documents refer generally to the family, and Thiriet was not able to identify Gasparo as a person.

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Along with lay Christianity, the followers of monastic figures such as Basil of Caesarea became established in Sardinia. Crusades as viewed from Venice it is about an easily legible text, which numbering is placed by the copier in the top right of the leaf. The Vandal Kingdom ended and Sardinia was returned to Roman rule.

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The use of the red ink is not for titles only, but also for various terms in the text. This had broken out in between the Capetian House of Anjou and Catalans over the possession of Sicily.

He accomplished various public offices, while candidating unsuccessfulyy for others. It has been about the one contained in codices It. These were populated by Roman immigrants. Crusades as viewed from Venice treaty, alcoholismo en los jovenes yahoo dating etc. It also insists upon the sources and influences that this work had in connection with other Venetian chronicles.

Relying upon the texts and classifications provided by A. As we mentioned above, it has been another chronicle to be ascribed to this character. El Doxe li rispoxe che luj haueua fatto per sua segurtade et azioche i uedesse che i uoleua star a morir con loro in conpagnia.