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It was the second consecutive year he received a nomination in that category, although this time he did not win. In their spare time, the two collaborated on comedic short films. We have some exclusive details as to why these two broke up, when and what they are doing currently!

With his movie, The Vanishing of Sidney Hall is going to hit the cinema very soon, he seemed to enjoy his time by roaming around the country.

Alexandra Daddario

With such projects in his pockets, anna akana dating Lerman is focusing on his career more than in his love life. Lerman has stated that he was not familiar with the book series when he received the script. Is Lerman already dating someone?

So, as for now, his relationship with Alexandra must be enough to shovel away the rumors. For updates on celebrity gossip and new, keep coming back to Article Bio. But his girlfriend is seen nowhere. What about Daddario, has she moved on as well? However, the rumors turned out fake as she denied her relationship with Zac.

The main reason behind the break-up could be their hectic acting schedule. However, the couple was occasionally seen going out together. However, as it seems, Alexandra Daddario has moved on! Alexandra took to Instagram to announce the break-up!

Despite keeping their relationship low-key, the couple was spotted in various cities in the U. As well as acting, they wrote, directed, and shot the videos, often enlisting the help of family and friends. The pair had a great chemistry on set which later proved true for off-screen as well.

Afterward, she was also rumored to be dating her co-star Zac Efron. Some actors refuse to disclose their love life while some others like to keep their fans updated via social account to gain popularity, or inform the fans simply. Alexandra likes to show guys her true face on the first date. He has already experienced engagement in his life.

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