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He simply told her to stay back, and that any interaction with him would only cause her misfortune. She blindly rushes to the shed to find the sword gone. Not one to trust others, he instinctively dislikes Yui, yet her determination and swordsmanship slowly change his mind. Japanese God of the Moon Tsukito, also known as Tsukiyomi, enjoys gazing at the moon.

Kamigami no asobi fandub

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With the routes for Dionysus, Thor, Akira, and Melissa, they have two for love endings and then two for fate endings. Shoutout to the writers for knowing the fangirl hearts so well and giving us a beautiful happy ending after all that crazy fast-paced action and emotional roller-coaster. We get a lot of wonderful bishonen godlike transformations into even more gorgeous character versions. In fact, the first time Yui meets him is one of mystery.

Kamigami no Asobi Infinite. Overall Kamigami no Asobi turned out to be a fairly well-rounded anime for a story adapted from an otome visual novel with over ten different routes and endings.

The animation was pretty amazing for an otome anime and I love how the aerial movements of the gods coordinated flawlessly with the magic flares and blasts. Yui chalked up the incident into a situational circumstance, but Hades warns her to stay away. They then have a playful argument. Each one of them reveal their true form to Yui, and for some reason, poor Yui seems terrified with Loki.

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Normally he follows around either Balder or Loki, and acts as the voice of reason in their trio. Although it became cloudy and started to rain, Yui thought it was only coincidence. Once she spoke of how happy he looked, he showed her the cursed mark on his chest, and told her of his curse to be forever unhappy. The gods decide to use their powers and send Yui back to her world. Afterwards, he left, warning Yui once again to stay away from him.

He becomes protective of Yui, and when she falls from a ledge he unleashes his power to save her. She surprises him one day with strawberry rice cakes, a combination that surely must be sin. He has an aura of nobility, but a care-free personality. Of course Loki, Hades and especially Susanoo also named Totsuka Takeru give her the most difficult time, which does happen in the anime too. She has two sided bangs that falls to her shoulders.

With this, Tsukito starts to comprehend the complexity of the human heart. Not only that, but she helps some of the Gods view their curses in a different light. Loki, Thor, and Balder grew up as three best friends, although there is an undeniable bond between Loki and Balder.

Of course, rain threatens, but the Gods show Hades that fun can be had anywhere if you look for it. In the anime however, she is voiced by Saori Hayami.

Highlights of the episode are the sweet moments between Apollon and Yui when he reassures her that everything will be okay. He is later seen musing over how everyone only thought of themselves and only judged what was on the outside. Infinite is the same game pretty much except now, you as Yui, can do routes with Dionysus, Thor, Melissa, and Akira.

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While Tsukito says that he doesn't exactly understand what she was saying, he says that, somehow, things felt different with his friends there. She is strong, determined, and unwaveringly loyal to those whom she cares for.

Elements Garden totally rocked the ending battle score music. In the anime, he is kind to Yui, questions to ask a guy while online dating and enjoys spending time with her.

This break from the past increases his love for Yui, and also sets him free to graduate. Hades was touched by this, and told her, gratefully, that she had been right all along.

His general demeanor is one of happiness and ease. His cheerful attitude and handsome appearance can be deceiving for those who first come in contact with him. As they run and practice together, Takeru begins to slowly trust her. Everything was really nicely balanced and music was spot on.

The hatred of the dead compiles, which Hades carries on his body as a curse. She slipped and fell into a stream of water, but Hades saved her. He still remains tense to her after this, refusing trust her because she was human. In the end, Dionysus is grateful to Yui for helping him better understand the nature of humans.

She showed him that while it brought misfortune, there was still a way to enjoy things as long as it wasn't so bad. Apollon Like with all of the gods, Yui has a very friendly relationship with Apollon and sees him as a dear friend. He finally decides to attend classes after Yui persuades him with her ability to ignite fireworks. He continues saying that nobody trusted him any way, which Yui denies, clearly stating that she trusts him. Tsukito then made it his mission to become a couple with her, not seeing the point of such actions.