Jukebox Hero

Jukebox Hero

He was later told he was okay and discharged. Arizona says he was just trying to get there in time.

She would like to tell Owen something, though, because he's miserable and she hates lying to him. Leah's never done that before. Mindy's worried about her baby, but its heartbeat sounds good.

Jukebox Hero The Musical

Ben approaches Jo and asks her if she's sure she's okay. She says she was getting a culture in path.

She can still walk it back. Maggie, Leah, and Arizona are working on Mindy in the trauma room.

If they can do it, so can you. Stuff like this happens and she's built for it. After delivery, she was cyanotic. Leah's on the phone with Arizona.

Juke Box Hero

Eliza says it was scheduled as the next surgery. On the way to the hospital, she video chatted with Arizona and Leah. She knows she shouldn't talk to him about it.

They also tell him the baby's having surgery. Arizona tells her to call the peds surgeon on call to get help, but Leah has to manage. So there is talk about him and I working on those songs again. They have to operate right here, which amazes Leah. It can change the momentum and break a stalemate.

And be a jukebox hero Got stars in his eyes He's a jukebox hero He took one guitar Jukebox hero, grammar check anywhere stars in his eyes Jukebox hero Stars in his eyes He'll come alive tonight. Our heroes aren't special. Steve cheers as he got to be a hero today after all.

He leaves as she realizes what's happening. Leah's been talking to the driver, with whom she's videochatting.

Like a trip through the past to that day in the rain And that one guitar made his whole life change. Bryan asks when she'll wake up, but Owen admits they don't know if she will. Ben tells her she's not okay. Meredith's on her way to her bedroom as Maggie asks her if she's found anything.

She says it's a patient and something else, but he doesn't want to hear about it. Owen figures out what happened since Morton's male. He hasn't heard about Mindy.


We have to be inventive and creative too. He says he's been there all day sleeping. She wrote it on the board.

Bailey arrives, but she gives Eliza permission to do what's necessary. She asks Richard why he's doing this, as he himself said he liked Minnick's approach. Jackson says this is not a hand. After they search with the right number, they find that the trial is indefinitely postponed. Now he needs to keep a-rockin', he just can't stop Gotta keep on rockin', someday he's gonna make it to the top.

Jukebox Hero The Musical

Jackson feels uncomfortable undermining Bailey like this, but Richard convinces him this is an Eliza Minnick problem. She calls for the next in line so Meredith has to leave. He keeps looking at her like he wants to help her or make her feel better.

Mindy feels like she's crushing the baby. Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds.

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Pierce is closing Mindy up right now. The broken pelvis is trapping the baby's head. Mindy notice his face and he admits that he's the one who hit her.

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Owen asks Stephanie to let him know if she hears anything from Amelia. She gets a scare when Alex suddenly sits up. They're great if we don't look too closely. She asks Ben if he's ever done anything like this. They put in a chest tube and then took him into surgery.

Arizona tells him not to until Mindy's safely out of surgery. At home, Maggie and Meredith are trying to figure out what happened to Alex. They're trying to be happy. Steve asks about Mindy, but he realizes Ben can't tell him anything about her.