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It ends up being a mass masala entertainer that is definitely worth a watch. In the ensuing chaos Kaasi shoots Anjali, fatally wounding her. The audio got positive response. Sirivennela Sitaramasastri and Bhaskarabhatla penned the lyrics for the songs.

After admitting Mohan Rao into the hospital, Ravi starts narrating his past. His mass look and powerful punch dialogues work well.

When the scene was shot, the whole unit was silent, they saw only the characters of the film, not Rajini and Sridevi. Gopichand Malineni and Ravi Teja together announced that their collaboration is set for a new movie whose name was revealed later.

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Shankar, with his aggressiveness and cleverness, starts destroying the empire of Nanaji. Anjali with a few moments left, reveals the truth to her father and requests him to leave the life of crime. Shruti finds herself falling in love with Ravi and informs Ravi's father Mohan Rao. Mahendran Fraud in fiction Indian crime drama films Indian crime thriller films Indian films Indian heist films Indian romantic musical films Screenplays by J. Johnny is a conman who does petty thefts only on the greedy ones to close the loan taken by his father.

Poorna, a superstitious man believes this despite everybody else's misgivings. Powerful dialogues, emotions and nice comedy might engage the audience. Best album in Ravi Teja's career in the recent times. Now Ram-Laxman masters have got Hyderabad union card and we are on the way. Archana gets hurt by the curt behaviour of Vidyasagar who is in the guise of Johnny and is confused on the change in Johnny's behaviour.

The film stars Rajinikanth and Sridevi in the lead roles, with the former in a dual role. Vidyasagar notices his lover's infidelity and kills her in rage.

As Anjali is a person who believes in non-violence and hates rowdies, Shankar lies to her that he is only a struggling Musician. Crazy Mohan, hatching upon a plan, tells Shruti to ask Ravi to marry her, thinking that Ravi will get cold feet and they would be rid of him. Dronamraju Ravikumar, representative of the A.

Mahendran had a strong desire to make a film with Rajini at that time, hence he made this film simultaneously with Nenjathai Killathey. He never misses Archana's concerts, and she notices this. After listening to both of them, Shruti's father, realizes his mistake and fixes Shruti's marriage with Ravi. However Shankar refuses and informs him that he has decided to quit. Crazy Mohan's plans and attempts to let loose off Ravi always go in vain before him.

Meanwhile, he falls in love with Dr. As fate would have it, Ravi, guessing their next move, also comes with a marriage proposal to Shruti. Balupu Strength is a Telugu action comedy film directed by Gopichand Malineni.

The soundtrack and background score, composed by Ilaiyaraaja were highly regarded as one of the greatest compositions of all time. Has mass numbers as well as a melody number. As the producer could not provide the equipment and facilities for the climax scene with a song, Mahendran was forced to use stock shots and manage to shoot with the limited facilities offered. Thinking that they are all in league with Shankar, Nanaji retaliates and soon a feud takes place.

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Ravi reaches Vizag and upon entering the household of Poorna acts as if though Kaasi's soul is in his body and it wants to kill Shankar and Nanaji. The pair, then, approach Mohan Rao and tell him that Ravi is in love with Shruti and that he proposed to her. After the scene was shot, Rajini appreciated Sridevi's acting and mentioned to Mahendran that though he tried, she overshadowed him in the scene. He first drew the illustrations of scenes with costumes and then got them stitched, bringing in newness and style in Rajinikanth's look, which attracted the masses. Ravi Teja has finally managed to hit the ball out of the park, after almost two years.

The songs are peppy and are easy to like. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Enraged, Shankar promptly kills Kaasi and rushes to the hospital with Anjali. At this point she comes to know that Shankar is a criminal and her father's enemy.

The film was a critical and commercial success on release and is cited as one of the best Tamil films. This film will also be remade in Tamil. Mahendran Tamil film scores by Ilaiyaraaja Twins in Indian films. However, the emotionally moving story, intense acting by Rajinikanth and Sridevi and memorable songs attracted the audience, swathi muthyam audio songs so the film picked up in the third week and became a success. Thaman has come up with songs that would help the film.

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This film marks Thaman's second venture with Gopichand Malineni after Bodyguard and also sixth venture with Ravi Teja. Ravi one day saves Shruti from some goons and finally comes off clean to Shruti as he believes that things have gone too far.

Meanwhile, Shankar, having truly given up crime and wishing to marry Anjali, decides to approach Nanaji along with Anjali to seek his blessings. Ravi decides to teach them a lesson. But one day Johnny accepts Archana's love when she proposes to him. He advises her not to play with people's feelings in future. Sirivennela Sitaramasastri.

The film being remade in Kannada as Ravichandra with Upendra and Ravichandran. Feature films directed by J.

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The music is composed by S. Films directed by Gopichand Malineni. Balupu has all ingredients with a dominating portion of entertainment to become a decent hit. Noted filmmaker Mani Ratnam rated this album as one his favourite soundtrack albums composed by the Maestro. However, after the exchange, Poorna reveals that he never believed in Ravi's act and he just went along with his story so as to trap both Ravi and Mohan Rao once and for all.

With repeated failures till now, it is refreshing to watch Ravi Teja at his best. Nanaji and Shankar, overcome with grief at the loss of Anjali's death, decide to leave Vizag for Bangalore to lead a normal life under their present aliases Ravi and Mohan Rao.

The film become a Highest-grossing film of Ravi Teja's career. Mohan Rao leaves the final decision to Shruti's father and guarantees that they would not face any problem in the future from Ravi, if Shruti's Father decides against the Proposal. Kona Venkat penned the script for the film.

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Poorna along with Shruti, reaches the spot where they are to make an exchange of Rohit for Shruti. Mohan Rao wishes to see Ravi married to a girl soon although Ravi is against it. The music composed for this film by Ilaiyaraaja is considered to be a milestone in Indian cinema history. Poorna, angered by his son's death, instructs Shankar to kill Nanaji and Anjali.