I Just Came To Say Hello

I just came to say Hello

Adrien looked at her like he thought she was joking. Ladybug appreciated the gesture. Someone either his father or Nathalie was going to murder him if they found out he'd been gone. She chanced a glance at him and immediately regretted it.

Ladybug leaned against the back of the bench with a quiet sigh as she set the wrapper for her crepe aside, looking at the stars. Federazione Industria Musicale Italiana. Marinette hesitantly took the seat next to Adrien, her cheeks already burning in remembered humiliation. Adrien snorted in surprise, and then hissed again and wrapped an arm around his stomach.

He cocked his head, giving her a smile she had to look away from for fear of her life. She did feel a bit guilty about leaving Nino and Alya to duke it out between themselves, but not guilty enough to stop her from raising a hand in farewell and following Adrien to the crosswalk. But then, I am glad to be among the living to feel the slosh!

Ladybug tugged on her yo-yo string in a manner that looked faintly distressed, hesitating in front of him until it became apparent that she'd frozen him solid. At leeast i know i can So please cum to say hello often, and when you are able, hopefully one day, cum to stay. Hello again, hello, just came to say, hello! Inloggen Onthoud mij Inloggegevens Vergeten?

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For one awful, endless moment, the world froze. Adrien looked at her again and gave a strained chuckle. Adrien's smile went downright adoring. Man, talk about growing old over night!

Well, Adrien didn't, and he was about to ask what it was that everyone but him seemed to know when Nino changed the subject. Ladybug was dangling right where the bank of ivy would hide her from any onlookers, looking shy and sheepish. He could make it two more hours.

Adrien jumped, then flustered, fidgeting with the wrapping of his crepe and going slightly redder under the street lamp. Adrien shrugged, aiming a faded smile at his food.

More so, I am very glad to come here after all this time and find such warmth and compassion. Chapter Text In the end, they got crepes next to the local park.

That'd be ridiculous, wouldn't it? They took back a variety of snacks as apology, and found that their friends had struck what seemed to be an uneasy truce by the time they got there, and the rest of the day was spent in semi-peace. Somehow, Ladybug remembered to look appropriately shocked, instead of bursting into giggles. Despite his misgivings, the interview was a fairly normal one. There were only more strangers in most of them, but she hit pay dirt with the refreshment table.

Word lid om op deze blog te reageren. Her bangs tickled the back of Adrien's hand as he pushed them aside to take her temperature, her forehead warm under his palm. Adrien gaped at her for a moment, face heating and heart racing in his surprise, and then he cleared his throat and straightened. Adrien sighed and slumped against the balcony railing.

This was what she got for not thinking. How much cake did you have? She'd just been about to kiss Adrien. Marinette was currently of the opinion that everything would be much better than okay for the rest of eternity, but it was obvious that Alya wasn't seeing it. Ladybug was a lucky lady indeed.

Adrien looked away and stuffed another bite of spinach-stuffed crepe in his mouth, and Marinette could feel her face heating again. Ladybug felt her face flush. Adrien waited, breath catching in his chest. See the end of the chapter for more notes. Believe it or not, I still have not been disconnected or internet interrupted yet.

He kept still, hoping, and was rewarded with slim fingers curling over his scalp, then stroking his head from crown to nape, like you would a cat. Anyway, now I do feel better though.

Not too hard though, because Adrien had, in fact, seen that ass. Somehow, she didn't think he'd mind either.

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It happened now and again, but she'd been extra looking forward to spending time with him tonight and getting her mind off things, so it bit just that much harder. Just a few minutes ago, something came out that I feel is worth sharing with you all. Adrien was about to turn and excuse himself from the gathering when Ladybug clapped his shoulders, speaking just loud enough to be heard. Which was how Ladybug came to be holding a crepe in each hand while a very pretty boy rested his head in her lap, autocad 2012 windows 7 64 bit his cheeks red and his blond hair feathering against her spots.

Looking up, he also found that Nino was watching the two of them with something that was almost a wince. Apparently the sirens did their job, though, because Ladybug looked downright alarmed. In the end, all he had to give his friend was a sheepish, slightly shamed smile.

Ladybug pulled one of her hands out from behind her back and offered it to him with a flourish, ultramarine eyes endlessly blue. He returns the serve but a lineswoman Mathilde Johansson calls the ball out, awarding the match to Sinclar. Your email address will not be published. She shuffled the bottles in front of her with a knit aching in her brow.

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It's not that weird that I like him. It gave Adrien a powerful sense of vindictive glee to pick up his fifth slice and blink innocently at the billionaire in front of him as he shoved half of it in his mouth at once. This, she thought despairingly, was why you should always think before you go hit on your crush as your alter-ego. And then the photographer poked his head around the tripod with a worried look.

Well, in his defense, it was kind of hard to explain how and why you loved someone without being able to say how you knew them in the first place. Nino slung an arm around his shoulders. Adrien was in love with her. Remember Me Forgot password?

There was no way in hell Marinette was going to let this chance go to waste. The memory was still giving him butterflies.

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