Enna Thavam Seithanai Devotional Song

Kanna Kanna Urutti Lyrics. So beautifully translated. Sutha Samba En Machan Lyrics. He is the one who is being praised by Purandaradasa now. Maranthen Naan Maranthen Lyrics.

Enna Thavam Seithanai Yasodha Lyrics in Tamil Temples In India Information

You can easily browse all the tamil song lyrics with their alphabet index and page number. But I also love Bombay Jayashree's version.

Kunrin mel kallkki nirkinra varad. Pls do provide your feedback on further posts also.

The latter, of course, is well known for Thaye Yashoda, in Todi. That love manifests as divinity and God Himself. But, Yasode played with him without knowing who really He is. Tiraiyinpin nirkinry kanna - unnai marai dum gnaniyar mattume kanpar, enralum kurai onrum enakku illai kanna.

Yaaro Ivan Yaaro Ivan Lyrics. In all bhakti, it is the bhavam, that is important. You might be able to explain better. He is the embodiment of all good characters. The equivalent raag in Hindustani is Pilu.


Raghuvamsa Sudha

One can feel your spiritual experience in your words. Kurai Ondrum illai Lyrics Kurai nrum illai, Maraimrthi kanna! He is the one who makes the world a good place to live.

Nenjukulle Omma Mudunjirukaen Lyrics. No one can refuse that dear lord, Athai yaarum marukkaatha Malaiyappaa vun maarbil aethum thara nirkum karunai Kadalannai! Thank you for a deeper understanding. He is the Vittala of Pandarapura. And, her innocence in taking her son as her son and not seeing beyond it.

But, Yasode is playing with him just as her son and no more than that. Hi, Nice blog concept - followed it here from the Carnatica rasika forum. The kriti is all about the mother that Yasode is.

Sonna Sollai Maranthidalamo Lyrics. Thank you so much for this.

She was as blessed as Yashoda and through her evergreen voice, she blessed each and everyone of us, helping us get one step closer to the Lord. He is the God of all the world. Typically performed at slow and medium speeds, it is capable of inducing moods of devotion, pathos and sadness in the listeners. Who has got that kind of boon?

Chellam Konjum Poove Lyrics. You are standing behind the curtain dear Lord! Yasode is playing with the one whom even the vedas have not really found. Kannil Vanthu Minnal pol Lyrics. The lord is full of virtues.

Aadungada Machan Aadungada Lyrics. Vendiyadhai thandhida Venkatesan enrirukka, Vendiyadhu ver illai maraimrthi kannaManivann!

Enna Thavam Seithanai

And, yasode is playing with him purely as her son. After reading the meaning I realize how apt her choice of song was for the occasion. Indian classical music portal. Para Para Paravai Ondru Lyrics. In this page you can find the list of tamil lyrics sorted by tamil lyrics songe title and page number.

However, I think you have got the lines wrong for the Anupallavi. Idho Idho En Nenjile Lyrics. Kuru Kuru Kannaale Lyrics. Yashoda, the blessed soul, represented this in totality. Intha Mamanoda Manasu Lyrics.

Avatha Paiyya Sevatha Paiyya Lyrics. He is the one who is bigger than everyone else. She played with him just as a son.

Radhe Radhe I always loved to listen to this song. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Newer Post Older Post Home. Vaendiyathu vaerillai marai moorthy Kanna!

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The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln. Aathadi Manasudhan Lyrics. But, Yasode is oblivious to all this. Kannadi Nee Kanjadai Naan Lyrics.

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