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Dragon dating

Estimated delivery of this can't yet be speculated We have several talented individuals on our team, all coming together for the noble goal of letting you date dragons. Can't elaborate too much for fear of spoiling the plot, but your character will be very important. They'll also be packaged all nicely, so you can put it on a shelf or something.

If you've ever spoken with Akemari Studios you were talking to Mari. Not satisfied with delivering an amazing story, with cutting edge anime-style art, we strive to push the boundaries of what a visual novel can be. The intro scenes will be fully voiced, and they will also chime in once and a while during the rest of the game, particularly when it comes to important moments.

This much will earn you all the endless gratitude of Akemari Studios. The characters will get a bit naughtier, put mildly. Your dragon will be very central to the games story, and will get quite a bit of screen time. Check out our reward tiers below. This time you get the physical game, and a physical copy of the soundtrack and art book.

This is her firstThe world of Dragon

The world of Dragon Date is filled with interesting characters. This is her first game but she's really excited, and working her hardest. Keep in mind it'll show people how much you pledged, and be in order from highest to lowest. Oh also an awesome Dragon Date mouse pad.

Dragon Date has a simple, yet surprisingly deep combat system. Mari is the creator and director of Dragon Date, and the owner of the newly formed Akemari Studios.