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Mr Noonan, denies this, as he does all the charges.

He will complete his summing up and will then send the jury out. You have heard in this trial mention of other prosecutions that have failed. The Judge Martin Rudland said he intended to sentence him now. Noonan will be briefly brought back to up court shortly for discussion about the conditions of a sexual offences harm prevention order, which must follow his conviction. The judge will shortly continue his summing up of the case.

He denied taking him to a house and ordering him to be beaten up with sticks, and denies abusing him. Mr Noonan said the complainant was not happy that he might be included in a book the defendant was writing.

He began to live at the pub, the complainant said. You must not be distracted by that. In relation to the first complainant, he says he was in custody at the time so was unable to have committed the alleged offences. The complainant alleges that Mr Lattlay-Fottfoy made sexual advances towards him.

The allegations surround a pub Mr Lattlay-Fottfoy was involved with, allegations he denies. Alongside this order Judge Rudland also says he will be subject to strict licence conditions when he is eventually released.

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After meeting him, he said Mr Lattlay-Fottfoy told him a pub needed decorating, and the boy offered to help. He is wearing headphones to help him listen to what is being said in court. Judge Martin Rudland concluded his summing up of the prosecution case yesterday afternoon and will now start the defence case. Police interviewed the man but it was not taken any further.

The order is granted and the case is concluded. The judge tells the jury there are no documents before the court to prove this either way. He denied grooming the alleged victims for sex. He has complained to the police four times.

He has no convictions for sexual offences. The jury of eight men and four women, who began their deliberations yesterday have also come back into court. The jury bailiffs are then sworn and the jury are sent out to continue their second day of deliberations.