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According to Nicole, the objective is to be the first one to the finish line. Darwin is not affected by this Dodj. Gameplay Dodj or Daar is a simple game revolving around traveling the board from start to finish.

It is shown with more of a cursed way. It causes Gumball and Darwin to get in trouble with Mr.

Eventually, they finish the game, and the curses wear off. Darwin plays it with Bobert who is pretending to be Gumball.

For this reason, the boys hid their creation under their bed, where it sat amongst a bunch of other trash the boys had stored there. It makes a cameo as one of the stolen items. Nicole, unwilling to believe a simple board game had the power to ruin their lives so completely, put the game away, thinking that the dodj cards would wear off eventually.

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It makes a cameo when Gumball smashes the computer. They have been shown playing it on many occasions throughout the series, often with disastrous results. One day, while Nicole was cleaning their room, she found it. Gumball immediately shoved it in the trash bag with the other garbage, but Nicole fished it out to play with Richard and Anais.

Gumball and Darwin try to play it so they have something to do. They didn't, forcing the Wattersons to play the game through to the end to get rid of their plagues. Battle Crashers Mobile Games. The first few times the game has been shown, Gumball can never finish stating the rules.

It makes a cameo