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During this montage, in quick succession, we see El Macho as a large, imposing and masked figure who has a backdrop of flames behind him. People flee from the magnet and are seen to be scared, although there are sporadic comedy moments woven in.

Returning cast members, directors and script writers resulted in a perfectly good animation that all the family can enjoy. They are determined that Gru will find a lady friend, despite the candidates he has been offered thus far being far from mummy material.

Throughout the film several of the minions get injected with the goo, and it causes them to twitch, turn purple, and turn into aggressive versions of themselves that spasm and snarl. Meanwhile, his adopted girls try to play matchmaker and find him a girlfriend.

In fact the list of returning Despicable alums is epic, with editors, animators, composers and writers all reuniting to bring Gru and his girls back to life. When the action shifts to an underwater scene briefly, there is a very quick moment where a shark suddenly lunges at the camera with its mouth wide open. Nefario well with a character arc that is great fun to follow. Gru, voiced terrifically by Carell, remains a likeable Gru-mp and fans of the ubiquitous Minions get full value. And here we are with its sequel.