Her best friend is Emily Davis

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He is currently living in Newfoundland. Derek can at times be a protective big brother to Casey, but also her true friend. Kate Todd as Sally, Derek's co-worker who starts to like him after breaking up with ex-boyfriend, Patrick. He is one of the guitarists in the band, D-Rock.

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While the sisters have very different interests, they share a general appreciation for organization and femininity, although Lizzie isn't as passionate about it as Casey would like. She is also the McDonald-Venturi clan's next door neighbor.

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He loves to play pranks, especially on Casey, and has his own band called D-Rock in which he plays guitar. Marti's nickname for Derek is Smerek. Everyone in the Venturi house has always been expected to play by Derek's rules, and Casey doesn't like that. Derek bets Casey she can't get him to ask her out, and Casey takes the bet, soon developing a crush on him. She is very patient and gives in to things her sister says very easily.

She seems to think popularity is more important than her friends, but is always there when Casey needs her. Though they still bicker a bit, they tend to work things out a lot easier after all the things they have been through together. Keir Gilchrist as Jamie, Lizzie's best friend who harbors a crush on her. He had his debut in the film Vacation with Derek. While Casey was recovering from Appendicitis she threatend to put Derek in the hospital when she was fully recovered.

Even though Casey controls Lizzie like Derek controls Edwin, she is rarely mean and never violent. On the other hand, she's a Venturi, and a weak one at that, making her the quickest possible route to the takedown of Derek. Like Lizzie, Edwin's good at rapping.

Although she only appears in three episodes, she is often mentioned. Although Casey is very opinionated about Derek being sneaky and cruel, she herself can be selfish at times.

Casey has hurt Derek's feelings a few times and she clearly didn't care. She is idealistic and independent, as well as academically ambitious. Derek is a Straight D student. With michael seater, ashley leggat, ashley leggat and soap operas, i need your. Edwin often does Derek's bidding.