The other thing is reproductions

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Once I was winding it and one of the main springs broke, so I decided to take it all apart and fix the main spring. One time a friend and I were down there behind the factory and we got talking to a man who was leasing the back half of the factory to make machinery for bakeries. Eventually we became best friends and started researching together.

Quite a few who try to get every basic model, but fewer who get into the rarer models and do research. They had one in Brazil for a while and I think also in Hong Kong. From that point on I really liked those. About they made the first electric Big Ben, and they were plug ins. If someone has restored it in the past, make sure the correct dial was put on it and the movements, which have probably been repaired a lot, have been done nicely.

So I brought it home and left it hanging and would wind it up every once in a while. Sometimes extensive casework can be more time consuming than getting the movement running. The first Big Bens and Baby Bens went on the market in and they were wind ups. People did some bad things over the years just to get them running. The other thing is reproductions.

Sometimes getting parts is

Sometimes getting parts is tough, too, although it turns out Westclox made lots and lots of spare parts. Their factory in LaSalle, Illinois closed down in about when they moved all their production down south, but the building is still there. Also Telechron, which was a big maker of electric clocks. There are also some specialty chapters, like an alarm clock chapter and a day clock chapter, one that specializes in wristwatches and one on early American pocket watches. But for years the majority were wind ups, they were so popular.

Then my friend and I went around the neighborhood asking people if they had anything they wanted to give away, like old clocks and cameras and tape recorders. Some of the old American pock et watches are just beautiful so I have several in my collection. Westclox set up a factory in England in the s and also in Scotland. They are just gorgeous watches and very well made. Condition is important, but clocks can be restored.

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When I got out of college I started going to the watch and clock conventions and met a man who was giving a program about the history of Big Bens and Baby Bens.