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However, if you are dating a person and neither of you have agreed to date exclusively, then you are not in a relationship and you are both free to also date other people. This takes place only in a relationship setting. Relationships are experienced between two people for a number of different reasons. It involves engaging in a number of mutual activities such as seeing a movie together, going for a dinner, attending a seminar or conference together or just simply taking a walk together.

The difference between dating and being in a relationship is commitment. Some people date because they want a committed relationship with long-term potential. With dating, you can keep multiple friends with each not getting to know the other, but in a relationship, this is next to impossible. Mutually Beneficial Prior to talking, you should sort out how you feel about the relationship, aside from anything your partner may feel, and decide what you want or need from your partner.

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If any of this is unclear to you, at any point in the dating process, you should discuss it with your partner. You don't go into it with multitudes. But then as you graduate from dating to being in a relationship, both of you now start showing your true color. What Dating Means Two people who are dating may not consider themselves a couple and may see other people.

Whatever you both did while dating is now reserved for you and it's not going to be something you want to share with everyone. One surely outlive the other.

This doesn't mean they have made a long-term commitment or have agreed to be monogamous. Stated differently, being in a relationship with someone would mean you are in a committed romantic association with him or her. Almost everyone today seems to confuse dating with being in a relationship because when you are in a relationship with someone, you often go out on dates with them.

One surely outlive the other

Again, both dating and relationship in some cases, involve two people enjoying the company of each other and probably having sex. To determine exactly what that means to her, ask. This love thing makes the romance and fun in a relationship deeper than what you get in a casual dating setting. Such is the case of the relationship vs.