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Pillows are stuffed with chaff. The Earl of Antrim, now resident in Glenarm, and the Marquess of Londonderry organised relief schemes of food and money for their tenants and built soup kitchens throughout the Glens. The casual ward had been closed and was occupied by the union's Relieving Officer.

His disinterestedness is specially commemorated. Antrim south of Glenarm and west of Bushmills, as well as the lands south of the River Bush lay within the territories of another group of tribes called the Dal nAraide pronounced Dalnary. One person who deserves particular mention is Kathryn Morrison at English Heritage whose trail-blazing work both educated and inspired me. Auld had been trying to prevent a group of Republicans from removing the flag when he was stabbed with a screwdriver. The epidemic began in the Bridge End Tavern and rapidly spread from house to house.

This was granted, and scarcely had they set out when a well-directed thrust of a lance pierced the heart of the devoted charioteer, who thus, by changing places, saved St. At the edge of town was a huge hexagonal shape which dwarfed everything in the area.

His remains were wrapped in the shroud woven by St. From time to time he withdrew from the spiritual duties of his apostolate to devote himself wholly to prayer and penance.

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