It is like a mini arcade game

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The notion that lower marriage rates and lower birth rates equals less sex is a terribly old fashioned notion. Getting too low, results in an unhappy girlfriend. Luckily as Doctor Who is a master of time and space, I am a master of the Internets. We dont post anything on Facebook on your behalf, steal any of your data, contact your friends, or do anything remotely sketchy.

This is a standard I am going to have to push on myself in my future games. Also matched based on hair, eye colour. These two are far and away the best selling virtual dating sims ever, and I wanted to find out why.

Welcome to the virtual girlfriend tamagotchi game. To keep your girlfriend happy you got to take her on dates, study with her, call her, email her, and touch her. Mostly it is because no one has ever created a visual novel to really try to appeal to people outside of Japan. The characters are written well enough to seem like real girls.

Now it's easy to find dates who share your interests and match all your tastes, ideals and criteria. First of all, potential dates are women, not girls.

First of allNow it's easy to find

Once I realized that, I focused on my Intelligence and Sense skills my typical day was science, social studies, library, hobbies until she fell for me. Visual Novels are extremely popular in Japan and to a lesser extent Korea, but they have never caught on in America. The funny side topic that kept popping up was this notion that virtual girlfriends were partly to blame. These Love Plus girls are high maintenance. Before you can even set up a date, you have to master a skill which is done by doing four daily tasks each day just like the first part of the game.

That would require a huge investment in a game formula that has never proven to work with western audiences. So finding that special someone couldn't be easier. Also like most popular Japanese Visual Novels, there will be a large number of potential dates.