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She pouts slapping his head. He gets his stuff and rushed out before she left and knocked on her window. She was writing things down in a notebook and he loved the reading glasses on her. He needed to get with this girl fast before she leaves. He stared at his phone confused wondering what that was about and remebered that he had to be at the park in Dayton Ohio which was far but he could handle it.

Additionally, he is also the composer and the musician. Her brunette hair was curled at the ends and it was blowing in the wind making her look like an angel to him. They weren't so big but they weren't so small. He has dark brown hair and green eyes.

She had on blackHe is also a singer

Puck drove to the park in Dayton ohio and pulled into the parking lot and turned his truck off taking his seatbelt off and took his keys out. Puck sighs tiredly finally rolling out of bed. He possesses American nationality and ethnicity is mixed English, German.

Noah Puckerman but goes by Puck was sleeping in his bed on a monday when he gets woken up by yelling. Her was brunette, it shiny yet wavy. She hand bangs that weren't too much in her face. This girl looked short to him by the way she was sitting in chair.

She had on black high heeled boots that went to her knees. He is also a singer, songwriter, musician and a composer. Your review has been posted.

He heard giggling on the other line. He nods and she pulls out of the parking lot and drives off. He wanted to get to know this girl before some other guy took her off the market.

He needed to get Rachel's number. Puck grins loving her laugh it was different and loud and he liked that. For his performance in Glee, he earned multiple nominations. His birth name is Mark Wayne Salling.

She giggles asking if it's because of his eyes and he chuckles saying maybe. He stared at her surprised. Puck licked his lips at the sight of this girl's lips which were full and he wouldn't mind finding out how soft they felt against his. He sighs taking a deep breath and pressed send to call it and waits.

Her makeup looked good to him and he noticed that her nose was slightly big but he didn't mind. His parents were pretty strict regarding following the religion. Puck couldn't take his eyes off Rachel as she looked at him.