They have been my lifelines

Dating on the mission field

We do holidays together, study the Word together and just live life together. Another aspect of my ministry is encouraging our Baptist churches in town.

It has opened many doors to share the message through stories. For me, the anxiety doubled when I entered the field on my own. However, in their own way they were able to minister to other women through building relationships and being in community together.

Missing the weddings of family members and friends back home makes my heart ache. He has provided local and missionary sisters who are more than happy to have me go on about my day with all its ups and downs. When I started the process of going with my organization, I wanted to be back in South America where I had lived for two years. So being half a world away from the ones I love with all my heart takes its toll.

And to see theHowever while that

However, while that struggle is very real that Lord has been so good to surround me with others. And to see the Body of Christ function out here is such an amazing thing. It is nice to have a place to belong and to have people that love you on the good days and the bad. Discipleship is something that is lacking here, so it is my desire to deepen our churches understanding of the gospel so that they are equipped to go and share for themselves.