Craftsman Brake Spring Pliers Fig

Dating craftsman tools

Note that the parting line from the forging is visible through the impressed handle pattern. The finish is chrome plating, with some losses due to rust and pitting. Additional codes applicable to later years can be seen in the section on Manufacturing Codes, Mid s to s. The upper inset shows a side view of the wrench, with the square shoulder visible on the sliding jaw and keyway. The reverse faces are stamped with the fractional sizes.

The finish is chrome plating with

The finish is chrome plating with polished faces. With the pile of stray tools on your desk, you call your contact at Sears and explain that some other company's tools have been included in the return shipment. The manufacturer of the B-Circle code has not yet been identified. Williams adjustable wrenches, and is not known to have been used by any other manufacturers. The lack of a model number marking suggests production before or so.

Currently the table is incomplete, but more codes will be added as new examples are found. The square shoulder was a patented feature of the J. In the remainder of this section we'll go though some typical questions related to manufacturer's codes, then offer a plausible answer based on the framework outlined above.

With the pile of

These codes have served as a source of heated debate and endless speculation, as people interested in Craftsman tool history attempt to determine which company made a particular tool. The Sears representative then records your particular code on the chart used by the tool sorters, and agrees to true up your account in the next invoice. Manufacturer's Codes, s to Mid s Code.

The wrench has a bright plated finish that resembles zinc, and the finish is soft enough to leave a mark on paper. The examples found so far can be attributed to two different manufacturers, but this raises the question of whether additional manufacturers might have participated.

This patent describes a locking mechanism for adjustable wrenches, actuated by pushing a locking pin visible in the photograph through the thumb knurl. This same construction style is seen in the Billings Vitalloy offset box wrenches. As a large and unique organization, Sears has been the subject of many publications and studies. The upper inset shows a side view of the wrench, and a close look shows the square shoulder for the sliding jaw and keyway. An example of this pattern on Proto production can be seen as the Proto Combination Pliers.