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Look for the green bottle wrapped in a basket, not to be confused with the Sangue Morlacco, which is their fortified cherry wine. Golden Fleece located in Greektown, best Gyro in town. It was completed in and renovated just last year for the hotel and the residential condos. One of the coolest activities in all of Detroit, somehow unknown even among hardcore Detroiters. The ingredients include equal parts gin, green Chartreuse, Luxardo maraschino liqueur, and fresh lime juice.

Ambience is spectacular, food has gone through down periods. The cocktail is slightly sweet, but also very herbal. It's really fruity and herbal at the same time.

It is a renovated warehouse with a rooftop farm, as well as startup incubator and co-working space, while being nearly free of carbon footprint. All I know is, it's pretty tasty.

Green Dot Stables Grab your saddle, best sliders in the city. Things happen to meat here that you never thought possible.

Good spot for an important date night. In addition to offering semi-custom watches all handmade in the U. Visiting Detroit, you'll find all the urban charm and youthful edginess of those cities, with an added excitement of discovering a hidden gem long before anyone else. Dangerously Delicious Pies Midtown. Expect a wait Seva Midtown.

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Aloft Hotel Lobby Pin In fact, this sense of architectural restoration is what makes Detroit so uniquely charming. The focus is on using locally grown ingredients in lovely, but not precious dishes that celebrate American flavor combinations.

Concerts every Friday night in the Rivera Court probably one of the most fantastic and important pieces of public art in the world. They are even prettier than the glasses in Austin. They used the glasses to serve their Vesper martini.

Good place for french toast. People keep asking so let's give it another go. Here are top reasons Detroit is the newest cool destination.

Especially popular during Oktoberfest mid-September to end of October. Hazel Cemetary for the music historian. The soaring atrium and gorgeous white marble hallways feel so Art Deco and lush, sort of like stepping inside the era of Oriental Express, glamour and luxe.

Aloft Hotel Lobby Pin In fact