You can start dangling the carrot

Dating an average looking woman

The older you get, and the more skills you get, the hotter chicks you can pull. Average chicks have the tendencies of leaving behind their panties and other paraphernalia in your pad to announce their presence for any woman the man might try to bring home.

The preconditions you must first go through are nerve wracking and men give up pretty fast, because they are not worth the chase, quite often. Regardless of what people think, most guys, good looking or not, usually end up with whatever they can get. Naturally, this doesn't exist. Overall, being unattractive has been a bonus for me.

The most memorable boobs I have laid my eyes on were from a chick with the most average face. Hence those scary eye shadows and glaringly scary lip glosses inside Nakumatt Lifestyle on a Friday Evening. And nothing like an average woman who has let it go. And when I did get interested, I was mature enough to not let rejection shatter me. If he comes back for more, you can be sure, he must have been impressed.

Quite understandably all these necessities that precede the sex are meant to weed out the jokers. Any man who quits was primarily after sex. And I have enough anecdotal evidence that average looking women leash out some really outstanding performance in bed, mostly as a compensatory factor. She is under no obligation to fulfill her end of expectations. If you continue on, you'll quickly learn that most hot chicks are useless after you get sex out of the way.

When you choose one, you necessarily can't choose the other. This is just as true with electronics and cars as it is with women. Average women have these thing of putting demands, sanctions and all manner of curfews on their men, often to appalling levels. But most average women, more so teetotalers can really cling to their beliefs.

As for female shoes, I have a specific, inexplicable hatred towards them. Many women would better understand their potential rather than exaggerating their looks and all aspects that matter in the game of seduction. Some of the most well-formed hips or bottoms are mostly from averagely looking women. It gives hopeless romantics like yours truly some hope, but problem is that these women get cheated one time too many and they give up on their ideals. Average looking women normally have the fatal problem of overestimating their beauty and firm believers of makeup.

Many women wouldAs for female shoes