Let me start from the beginning

Dating a girl with 2 baby daddies

But if it does happen, it damn sure wouldn't be because I couldn't keep my legs closed and was throwing myself at every penis around, and it wouldn't be because I'm irresponsible. Also, throwaway just in case.

Everything about him indicated that he

He changed his mind when things became a reality. The big issue is, her ex, the baby's dad. That's something you really need to understand.

This continued for about weeks, until she changed her number, blocked him and contacted the police. He also uploaded my picture and details asking people where I lived, threatening to come and find me.

Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. Everything about him indicated that he would be a great father.

Most Helpful Opinion mho

This can take a lot away from the process of getting to know someone you want to potentially date. Most people are wasteing time with the bad ones when the good ones pass um by. The restraining order was breached when another chance meeting in public turned into another abuse hurling match, with no provocation, and I was on my own and was quite scared.

The police were contacted and steps were taken to quell the behaviour, but to no avail. Let me start from the beginning. That's totally understandable and I think that's something you need to really get through your head. The only viable single mother to most guys is a widow not a divorcee or unnmarried single woman.

Most men don't want a constant reminder you were with another guy.