Australia is thrilled for you both

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The royal couple started dating in July after they were introduced by friends, and Harry courted Meghan on a trip to Africa shortly afterward. Monday's announcement is welcome news in Britain, where Meghan has won many hearts since her engagement to Harry was announced last December. There are parallels between her life and that of Princess Grace, another American who left a successful Hollywood career to marry Prince Rainier of Monaco and start a royal family. His mother died in a car crash in Paris the following year. There was an ease to her confident smile, and contagious excitement about moving across the Atlantic and joining the royal family.

Monday's announcement is welcome

After their arrival in Sydney, the prince and the former American actress held hands and walked out an airport rear entrance and into a car. No royal had ever publicly acknowledged this kind of frailty, and his willingness to do so in a bid to end the stigma surrounding mental illness only raised his stature with the public. Most of those completing the two-month Apache training were deployed to the front lines in Afghanistan.

The royal couple

The games open on Saturday. Meghan had ended her acting career and moved to Britain to be a full-time royal. The royal couple's trip Down Under is their only international tour since they were married, apart from a two-day visit to Ireland. Back home we love them, so I'm glad to be here as it's happening. And he or she is likely to get pushed still further down the line of succession as more royals are born.

Looking forward to sharing in the joy during your stay down under. Harry had let it be known he intended to fly Apache attack helicopters if he was successful in passing the rigorous Apache training course. Hundreds of people gathered to catch a glimpse of the couple after they landed. The announcement of the pregnancy confirms weeks of speculation from royal watchers about why Meghan was not joining Harry on his Sydney Harbour Bridge climb set for Friday. They kept their relationship secret for several months but word eventually leaked to the British press.

Word of the pregnancy came at the very start of their first extended royal tour as a couple. That will be up to Harry and Meghan to decide whether to apply for a U. It did, however, see Harry follow in the Spencer family footsteps, as both Diana's father and brother attended Eton.

They kept their relationship secret for several months, but word eventually leaked to the British press. Hundreds of well-wishers gathered with umbrellas outside the airport and Admiralty House in the hope of catching a glimpse of Harry and Meghan.

He made it clear that he loved Meghan and would protect her. It won't be the first time Harry has had to brave the rain in Sydney. Australia is thrilled for you both.

He said the press had been so abusive that he worried about her and her family's safety. The couple's current tour coincides with the games, which start in Sydney on Saturday.

Enter Meghan Markle, who represented a clean break from the royal mold. International visitors gathered outside Buckingham Palace for the Changing of the Guard ceremony felt they were partaking of royal history.