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However, this effectively converts unsecured debt into secured. You should expect some fees, but avoid excessive fees when you consolidate. At the same time, you minimize interest charges, which reduces your total cost and can lower your monthly payments. You will usually be better off asking for help. So, while you should expect some cost, you should avoid high fees when possible.

But debt consolidation is not a silver bullet. But using a do-it-yourself solution from a weak financial position is a recipe for disaster.

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As time passes, you slip back into bad spending habits and can start making new charges again. Be aware of fees and costs to consolidate In most cases, you should expect some kind of cost associated with consolidating your debt. However, if you drop out your creditors are likely to restore your original interest rates and can even reapply penalties.

She found Consolidated Credit and we helped her get back on track. By contrast, each debt you settle creates a negative remark on your credit that remains for seven years after discharge.