Rename this column to Picture

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In order to work with the Picture and BrochurePath properties, we need to first add them to the CategoriesDataTable and then update the CategoriesTableAdapter class to return these columns. In addition to these fields, we need to add a new one that will point to the category s brochure if one exists.

En este tutorial y los

Next, create a new TableAdapter method that returns a particular category s Picture column value. Si un usuario carga un folleto con el nombre Brochure. Ease of implementation as we'll see shortly, storing and retrieving binary data stored directly within the database involves a bit more code than when working with data through the file system.

To demonstrate uploading files, open the FileUpload. Haga clic en Finalizar para completar al asistente. The main disadvantage of storing binary data on the file system is that it decouples the data from the database. If a record is deleted from the Products table, the associated file on the web server s file system is not automatically deleted.

The main advantage of storing binary data directly in the database is the tight coupling between the binary data and the database record. Mover la base de datos a otro sitio o servidor puede causar problemas similares. In the next tutorial we'll turn our attention to integrating the uploaded file with data model.

Therefore, add this User Control to Default. One option would be to store these image files on the web server s file system and record the path in the Products table.

To capture this information, the user needs to be able to upload a file from their computer to the web server. Like in the other folders, Default. When collecting binary data, oftentimes this data is supplied by an end user.

En este tutorial y los tres siguientes, vamos a usar ambos enfoques. Start by adding these two columns to the CategoriesDataTable.

Start by adding these two columns

There are several subtleties that must be addressed when saving uploading files to the web server s file system. The FileUpload control provides a variety of properties for working with the uploaded data.