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You can paint the henhouse floor or top it with a layer of linoleum flooring to make cleanup easier. Jerry covered the roof with roofing cloth before nailing down the shakes. If they're too warm, they scoot farther away. We created our chicken coop and run plans in Portland, Oregon, a progressive city in the American Northwest with a strong tradition of urban agriculture and sustainability.

That's how they regulate their temperature. In our last house, we re-purposed a corner of the separate garage for a coop, but this time we started from scratch. Instead opt for plain or close-fitting board or seal any joins with sealant compound and a corrugated or wooden roof.

Don't give them too much space at first, because they get used to it and come to expect it. You'd have to cover the hole leading to the downramp, and you could care for the chicks from the access door inside the coop. Free web plans for a serious walk-in house with storage and generous space for eight birds. To prevent future warping, Jerry insisted on cedar for all the gates and door frames.

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If they're cold, they'll move closer. Good construction skills recommended. We found your metric instructions very straightforward to follow and easily adapted to our particular needs.

Review these plans before framing your coop, as it will alter how you frame the left wall of the henhouse. The only set of paper plans that we recommend.

You can also regulate the amount of ventilation by inserting a panel over a portion of the open-air ceiling. The wooden crates that you can find in dumpsters outside of vegetable stands make perfect nest boxes.

They are not hard to build, but the market in ready-made housing is very competitive so simple houses are inexpensive. Chicken wire is not acceptable, as raccoons can reach right through it and grab a chicken. Our city-friendly coop and run plans combine simplicity of construction with a refreshing modern style rarely seen in do-it-yourself backyard chicken coops. You could also fashion a brooder from a cardboard box, set it up in the garage, and keep your chicks in there until they are fully feathered. The chicken house can sit entirely or partially inside the run, but some of the smarter houses are integrated with their own run.

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This happens more often in the summer to keep the odor down. The satisfaction is all yours. At its simplest a chicken house is just a weatherproof box with a door, a nest box, and a perch. If you wanted more for some reason, you could add a couple more in the henhouse.

Ideal for anyone without good carpentry skills. There are also natural branches inside the coop for nocturnal roosting.

Some chicken keepers leave the water and food out during the day. It has a sloped roof with an overhang on all four sides.