Too bad you do not like our app

Chat and dating

Asha I've met so many uber-cool people and made some great friends. Too bad you do not like our app.

Now the real crap is

Also the amount of gorgeous women on there who match with me is astronomically high. It seems like there are so many fake profiles on this app, like more fakes than real people. Also, there needs to be something done about the in-app notification numbers. There are awesome people on and very interesting topics. Compared to Tinder and Bumble and other apps, that's insanely different.

Best regards Sandra Information

But the main thing is if there was a way to verify yourself as an actual person and get rid of the fake and spam profiles then this app would be a lot better. ItsLovelyAlice I love Teenchat. You can speak freely and meet some nice people. This app also seems to be at the bottom in the category of attractive girls.

Now the real crap is the women's profiles show them as being in New Jersey or New York when they are across the country or in another country entirely. Best regards, Sandra Information.