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Basically you write text like you would write an e-mail. Fix a bug that has been reported. As a document management tool.

You are now going to have more customization options and will be able to configure your servers directly. Simple status board where time and person can be picked from a list. Anyone with sufficient hardware will be able to host their own DayZ server.

Define groups and impose fine grained read and write access restrictions based on groups and users. Get access to data in a database. In case you can't find an answer you can ask a question in the Support web.

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Start surfing at the WebHome topic, or learn about the platform in the Welcome Guest. List topics that recently changed in the Codev web. Web based user registration and change of password.

Generic change request application. Keep track of meeting minutes with action items.

Users without programming skills can create web applications. Of course, this is not going to happen over night, Eugen will give you an introduction on this.

Peek at the planned features. Find out who changed what and when. See a sample search result.

Get notified by email when topics change in the Codev web. As a company internal message board, i. Simple application to search a library of books. Simple, powerful and easy to learn text formatting rules. Read also the testimonials to see what other people say about the platform.

This allows you to set up separate collaboration groups. To replace a static intranet. Show a monthly calendar with highlighted events.

Simple status board where time and