And it looks great in the process

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If you think those numbers refer to the size of the engine, think again, for they all have the same cc parallel twin. In an ideal world you need about five different styles.

It may not make the sexiest sound but the power delivery is smooth and reassuring. The bike, and therefore its rider, was equally at home in either environment.

For newbies and experienced riders alike, this really is a damn good bike - and I'm missing it quite badly. The thing I have realised very quickly about riding bikes is that one is never enough. Of course, in reality, most people have to settle for choosing one machine at a time and so decisions have to be made. The seat, like most enduro-style machines with mild adventure aspirations, is narrow and firm, although there is an optional softer version. And it looks great in the process.

The bike and therefore its rider

You may laugh, but this week I bring you shocking evidence that the Germans have a sense of humour after all. What will be interesting is how I will feel about it after trying other machines.

The real reason is that Germans just love nothing more than a good chortle. My gut feeling is that it will always have a special place in my heart.