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Bangkok dating scene

These bar girls are sexy, speak some English and like a bit of fun. Together they tell the story of the people in Patpong. The first is the Bus Stop see map below area.

Other bars worth mentioning Other then the main nightlife areas of Bangkok, there are also a lot of interesting bars and avenues outside them. To approach these women, you need some basic Thai language skill and be confident in pulling a phone number. If you are not living on Silom, and you want to check it out.

Yes, anything is possible but that's just the easy answer. However, a beginner may find it difficult to find such places. They have all the soft-hearted, easy-going attributes of Thais, but they are in it for the money and can easily turn sour if you are not generous.

If you want to hit up with a white chick in Bangkok this street is probably your best shot. She seemed puzzled at first but eventually agreed.

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In its prime during the s and s, Patpong was the premier nightlife area in Bangkok for foreigners, and was famous for its sexually explicit shows. If you are not living near Khaosan Rd the only way to get here is by taxi or tuktuk.

Walk past there and you just might get groped. Khaosan Rd is party-hard from sunset to sunrise. Ladyboys here are surprisingly educated and not pushy, which makes the experience relaxing. When a Bangkok girl likes you, there is no reason why she would refuse your proposal. And oh yeah, their club dancers are hot.

Whenever I feel to meet a good looking Bangkok girl that have a taste for the good things in life, Q Bar is my place. Hotels If you are going to stay in the Sukhumvit area when you visit Bangkok, check out my post about guest friendly hotels around the Sukhumvit area before you book. The movie Baraka features several shots of strippers in Patpong. Thai girls are pretty open for one night stands.

In the mids the sois hosted an annual Patpong Mardi Gras, which was a weekend street fair that raised considerable money for Thai charities. Originally simply an ordinary business area, the coming of the bars eventually would drive out most of the other businesses. Finding sex from prostitutes in Bangkok is easy, it's not embarrassing or dangerous. This is actually a pretty cool market that sell a lot of fun stuff. Just follow up after one hour with some message and plan your next meeting.

Sukhumvit Road attracts tourist and foreigners working for local companies, as well as wealthy Thais. For me, Bangkok women are just the cherries of the cake.

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