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Now Shunichiro Miki flies solo to deliver a film full of nipple guitars, giant store owners, weiner guns and the Pinkie Pankie monster. But soon he proliferates until the whole city becomes a walking metropolis of hims. The last star of the golden age of the studio era, now an octogenarian, Takakura plays Eiji Kurashima, an elderly counselor at a prison in Toyama, a prefecture on the Japan Sea coast. Beloved by his students and popular with pretty much everyone, it turns out Mr.

Espinas de la Rosa Amarilla. Famous, fast-talking, and filthy rich, his many followers particularly the female ones treat him as a role model, escape route, and god.

The Kamikaze prowl the streets

Directed by Eiki Takahashi. With Satoko's able assistance in scoping out potential prey, they begin promising matrimony to lonely ladies before scamming them out of all their cash. They all had their places, and they all knew their roles, but in a culture of conformity, even the slightest, quietest ripple in the pond threatens to explode their miniature universe. Yonosuke arrives at university in the late s when Japan is booming and the economy is raining cash.

Es el arte de controlar la espada japonesa tradicional, la katana. Introverted, bespectacled iron foundry manager Nakamura Masato Sakai has been living his life as though he were already dead, since his wife was killed five years ago. El kimono se viste cruzado hacia la derecha. Directed by Miwa Nishikawa. The heartfelt song of an unheroic hero echoes throughout.

The Kamikaze prowl the streets in a campaign bus, spewing vitriol from a loudspeaker. Inspector en la ceremonia del seppuku. Their leader is a bald lunatic whose only abiding passion is for a severed pig's head he keeps in a plastic bag.

These six men attempt to carry the boldest of schemes to bypass the bank's high-tech defense system. He deals with her death by obsessively replaying the last message she left on his answering machine, in which she scolded him for eating too much custard.

Inspector en la ceremonia

Esta arma es capaz de generar calor suficiente para evaporar toda el agua del cuerpo humano. And that's when events start to spin out of control. Directed by Masaaki Akahori. Directed by Shinji Higuchi and Isshin Inudo. Some original film series curated by the Japan Society have traveled to other U.