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Be patient, some radiostations load within seconds due to high traffic issues. Some stations only broadcast in their own country. In May were the Dutch broadcasting frequencies really divided.

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The afternoon edition of this program was presented by Maurice Verschuuren. Symphonic rock and Wednesday to hear the Bluesbox Gerry Jungen. Thus, the transmitter was no airwave frequency. On Tuesday night between nine and ten to hear the program Arrow Symphonic Mania. Gerry Jungen presents BluesBox on every Wednesday from nine to ten.

Later that year launched

The station sent non-stop rock music hours a day via the cable. Later that year launched presented programs in the evenings.

Arrow Classic Rock was again a non-presented music station. Three evenings a week, a variety of program specials can be heard. If you really want to listen use a proxy server from that specific country to solve this problem. Some radiostations have limited rights for international broadcasting. This could be achieved largely by Netherlands over the air.

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