We believed the music was good

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In the three and a half years that we've been writing music, there is a lots of lots of lots of songs that we've got and even enjoy. You kind of lose conventional wisdom when it's your own music. They're not together, just colleagues.

Chocolates are fine because you can eat them. You're going to crawl up on some douchebag immediately, and you're in a spongy kind of state. Kind of like dating, actually.

And that was very easy and very fun. One week you're out with your friends. George was living with his parents in Molesey, making music in his bedroom and hoping to build a name as a remixer.

Oh God, yeah my first boyfriend. Some songs on Body Music are pretty sassy. It's this kind of skill that one doesn't have until you have to do it. Boys and their toys, I guess.

We believed the music was good. Clearly good mates, too, which will help in the coming months. Making music with him is fun and actually relaxed. Yeah, he was being way too romantic.

By the time you know what's happening, it's probably too late. It was the first thing that woke me up as a teenager. It certainly made me feel that I had a home in the world because as a family we had moved around a lot, which is very uprooting and you can feel very unlinked to anywhere. Chicago, Toronto, Oxford, Reykjavik. We're still into keeping hold of people that are important to us and making sure they get kind of all the same feelings of affection that they've always had.

This band are overworked and delighted about it. After their monster festival run, they'll tour on through September and October.

You're in that soft and spongy kind of state, and you have to look out for yourself and stop yourself before you're falling off with the nearest douchebag. Not a lot has changed, really. He was invited to work on tracks for My Toys Like Me. You're on the rebound, and you're going to get yourself into trouble. AlunaGeorge's Body Music is out now on Vagrant.

You just have to pretend know what you're doing. Aluna, from Hertfordshire, had moved to London with the idea of becoming a musician or an artist.

You're going to crawl up on