Added support for Appointment

Allow only numeric in data grid view cellvalidating

Note that items that generate popups are not supported. AdvPropertyGrid built-in property value editor added to allow multi-choice option box or check box editing. AutoExpandMenuItem property added to control whether button auto-expands on mouse hover when button is used as menu-item and displayed on menu.

AdvTree Cell now can host BaseItem derived items for light-weight addition to functionality of a cell. Added workaround for insufficient height returned by Graphics. This event can be used by the user to specify row heights of TimeLineView Appointments, thus enabling every TimeLineView Appointment to have a unique defined height if desired. Fixed Highlighter control visibility issue with nested SuperTabControls. TabKeyNavigation property controls whether navigation is enabled.

These events will permit user rendering

Copy does not copy MonthCalendarItem. Added keyboard support to the CalendarView control up, down, left, right, home, and end keys - plus all the shift and control modifier combination.

TextDisplayFormat property added to specify cell Text formatting for display purpose. AdvPropertyGrid now uses TypeConverter. You can now define your own DisplayTemplate values and process them in this event. ParentFieldNames property added which gets or sets comma separated field or property names that holds the value that is used to identify node and parent node.

These events will permit user rendering of individual slots in the TimeLineView. DateTimeInput validation improvements when Min and Max dates are set. Compatibility support for new BarUtilities. Fixed double firing of ComboBoxEx.

Fixed an issue where the AntiAlias property setting was not being honored correctly. Added Row collate support to the TimeLine view. Can be hosted on menu, ribbon, toolbar or stand-alone. Though this did not result in any loss of data, it would cause Visual Studio to attempt a restart.

SuperValidator does not respect HighlightColor set on each validator. CalendarItem MouseUp events will now be presented to the user even when the corresponding MouseDown event occurs on a a different CalendarItem.

Ribbon Control Application Menu Backstage support added. New super-duper Gauge controls added with linear and circular gauges, full interactivity with bar, multi-bar support, mixed scales and advanced styling. Fixed an issue where the YearView display might not always display that a given date has an associated appointment with it.

DateTimeInput validation improvements