It was a long, painful process

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They would like to know where their ancestors were buried and how to find the grave. The competition helped change how Europeans see Poland and strengthened its position in Europe, says Dr. Global firms like Pittsburgh Glass Works and Credit Suisse have made it a major base of operations recently.

She broke into tears when we entered her home. Confronting a painful past Facing up to German history took decades.

He is so passionate about it that he has learnt fluent German. It was a long, painful process. They break into tears with joy For more than seven years now, Piotr Szereda from Wroclaw's Municipal Guards has been helping foreign visitors to find the traces of their ancestors. Piotr Szereda makes it clear that people change as they discover their past. The population did a topsy-turvy, German to Polish, overnight.

We learn more about each other and give up prejudice. The area was taken over by developers who had the plant demolished, but her family villa survived due to its historic value.

On Hitler's visit to the city, her brother had to stand by the Hall and beat the drum. Piotr Szereda Piotr Szereda with Ms John, whom he helped to find traces of the past private archive This postcard, which was sent to Breslau, was discovered in Moscow. He also made a scan of a PhD dissertation written by a Jewish resident of Wroclaw, who presented and defended it at the Faculty of Law at the University of Wroclaw.

Sylvia wanted to know if her grandfather's factory Breslauer Eiswerke and his house in ul Wilcza had survived. Their authors want to locate the streets and buildings where their ancestors used to live as well as their graves.

Piotr does more than just help in their searches. But Wroclaw now is embracing its past. And last, Poland joined the European Union.

It was a long painfulHe is so passionate about it