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Starting out, I tried to learn about a hundred words a day. On this point I perhaps differ slightly in emphasis from our rapporteur, Wim van Velzen. She's a beautiful girl all the time. Naturalmente, todos queremos poner nuestro acento particular, sobre todo justo antes de las elecciones. The second aspect I wish to emphasize is that of efficacy.

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Es necesario que intentemos cambiar ese acento. Espero que fuera un comentario sobre mi rapidez y no sobre mi acento. You're asking your interlocutor about the location of a third object, person or place - so you must use the third person just like in English. Espero que los distinguidos diputados disculpen mi acento.

There is some reshuffling to be done there and we need to place an emphasis on this. Now press the key for the letter a or whatever lower or upper case vowel you need to accent. Tu casa esta en la calle Main.

It may encourage you to know that I'm a Spanish Medical Interpreter now, working in the hospitals interpreting between doctors and patients. Spoken, there's no difference whatsoever between the sounds of the two words. This greater stress is particularly apt. For the most part, I understand what the two of you are trying to explain. Creo, sin embargo, necesario poner el acento en algunos aspectos que el Observatorio no ha profundizado lo suficiente.

The balloons are in John's house, because there is a party. In its decision, the Commission is, in actual fact, highlighting discrimination alone.

My thought was that the best way to learn a language is to live in a country where it's spoken. La fiesta es en la casa de Juan.

Let me know if you'd like to respond privately to keep the personal discussions off the newsgroup. Nevertheless, it places the accent on free competition.

If you really want to nail this language, you can. El segundo aspecto en el que pongo el acento es el de la eficacia. He has a very strong accent. You can also use it in question form.

Most of these formulas represent two step operations. But I figured I would give you a head's up, so you can get it out of the way. On the structure of an ethical review, I think we have got the emphasis completely wrong.